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Structure the efficient software execution process

Structure the efficient software execution process

Kara Sanat Taiwan Hunam Company:

Kara Sanat Taiwan Hunam Company, relying on more than a decade of knowledge and experience of its engineers in the oil, gas and

Petrochemical Comprehensive management, engineering and executive software tailored to the needs and challenges of companies active in projects

Has produced oil and gas.

Kara software is designed based on monitoring and recording the executive experiences of contractors in various oil industry projects and

It is introduced as one of the most useful software in Iran.

In 1 year, the founders of this company produced and used the first specialized software of the technical office of piping and quality control.

Within 3 years, complete the full version of the implementation solutions in accordance with the current world standards with the aim of integrating information.

They have created a project using the latest technology in the world.

Kara EPC industry is a company rich in energy and purpose and is one of the first companies active in the production of specialized software.

Oil, gas, petrochemical and related industries. We present our specialized software for the first time in the country methods

We have used new and unique in order to solve the existing problems in this industry.

The purpose of this company, while ensuring the security of engineering and executive technical data, increasing the productivity of human resources, saving

Economically, creating a new perspective and perspective is the most challenging industry in this country.

As a result, we have created a new standard for project management and customer service.

Our development programs are driven by customer feedback and as a partner in your success, we are committed to creating

We are innovative solutions in this industry that will make you a pioneer in the field of technology and industry. We try

Improve our products and services every day by developing web and mobile application automation

We do that that makes project management simpler and easier


How does efficient software work?

The core of this system is based on html or web pages with advanced .net technology.
From a software point of view, the systems under iis, which is the most secure web server system, and SQL Server, as one of the most secure databases, have provided the platform for this software.
In addition to the above, the experienced efficient programming team uses artificial intelligence to ensure the security of the database against any complex hacking and attacks.
Access levels in this system are designed in a variety of ways and using the management panels of this software, users can have access levels to any form, report or table and for the four main operations that include registration, editing, deletion and viewing in the form The working group defined access levels as dynamic and could be easily increased, decreased or modified.
This software is designed in such a way that each of the card users has its own menu and work process, the system admin simply has the ability to manage and privatize menus for each user or group.
In addition, the software has the ability to monitor the performance of users, units and all activities according to the micro operations performed.


Project Management
Project Control

Direct communication of software with project control data is an important part of the system, loading various data such as project failure (WBS) and scheduling to control and compare project progress is very important.
It guarantees the dynamic outputs of the efficient software, the data required by the project control unit for issuing various types of daily, monthly, periodic reports, etc. during the project implementation, for all disciplines.

Contracts, cost control

One of the benefits of integration and acceleration of the project documentation process is the easier management of contracts and contractors.


site management

Control and management of work fronts, financial, executive departments and contractors is closely related to the workshop documentation process, efficient software is designed to be able to provide all the ongoing activities of the project to the workshop management with an upstream view. Give. Full mastery in this matter accelerates the decision-making process.

Whole Project Management

Efficient software allows project managers to access all information and reports of one or more running projects without time and space restrictions.
Using this system in the project is an important help in the direction of macro management of this industry.


Using efficient software in this section will speed up and facilitate access to all units of the project to the latest version of the relevant documents, comments, status of documents and ….
This module provides the required infrastructure for calculating the percentage of progress in the production of project documents and provides managers with reports such as progress based on the working group, region, etc.

C.C (Document Control Center)

Emphasis of oil and gas industry employers on the importance of order and structure of project documents, the document center section has become an essential and strategic infrastructure for all industrial projects.
Kara software also provides an efficient system of its documentation center, which is responsible for monitoring and handling the technical and engineering documentation cycle of the project and provides an important tool for project management and control to industry activists. This module has the ability to paste and categorize the image of documents and attach them along with the date (solar and Gregorian), the advantages of this system include the availability of all documents in each group work, digital archiving and project document management.

Design and Engineering Document
The engineering department is responsible for the production and review of engineering documents, the main activity of this department is handling and resolving documentary ambiguities. Efficient software, while speeding up processes, is considered as a complete reference for changes in project documents.


Procurement Engineering

In the purchasing engineering department, the main challenges are the circulation and communication of documents between the employer, engineering units, commissions, trade and suppliers of goods. Lays.

Purchasing Management

This section includes the Commission and Commerce, which controls and manages the process of selecting vendors, holding tenders, contract meetings, documentary follow-ups, and issuing P.O.


This section is a commercial subset and is responsible for controlling the execution of the contract until the material reaches the site.

Contract management is in line with global business standards in accelerating the sector, and the software ensures the mechanization of this sector by creating integration between the portable users of each group, documents related to contracts and correspondence between vendor and engineering.

Transportation Material Tracking

Careful examination of the location of the manufactured and delivered goods is very important in project planning and management.

Purchasing engineering department completes the final part of this process by using the transport module and will be more focused on transport, clearance and delivery of goods to the site.


Procurement of project materials in the current situation of the country is one of the most complex activities in the project, which doubles the importance of maintaining, allocating and using materials properly.

Efficient software, using its integrity in the EPC process, has a very high accuracy in controlling the project material. The data of this section is fed directly from the engineering and purchasing engineering sections and by using the automatic process of creating a work front in the technical offices, almost the whole process of material allocation and delivery is done automatically.

Utilizing an intelligent balance system and material allocation will be very important in maintaining and optimally using the material on the site, which will prevent material wastage and save project costs.



Construction implementation
Site Document Control Center

Data integration in efficient software accelerates and facilitates the transfer and submission of engineering documents to the site, as well as speeding up the process of answering questions (TQ) by the site. This module, while guaranteeing the latest version of each document at all software levels, provides users with all records and reports related to the documents.


QC / QA quality control offices

In fact, project progress reports are the product of the process of this section, which includes inspection and delivery of work.

The volumes of all disciplines that are loaded and managed by the technical offices are approved by the relevant inspectors after construction, installation or other execution processes by QC Forms.

Up-to-date activities of this department are very important in cost control, promotion and work management.


Civil T.O. Technical Office

Given that this section is one of the first disciplines established in the workshop, it certainly has more problems in creating the work process and equipping the leading workshop. This software accelerates the process of equipping the workshop and starting the execution process by providing the required infrastructure of workshop documents at the beginning of the project.

Accurate calculation and estimation of volumes and materials used in accordance with the calculations of the technical office, requesting materials, registration and issuance of agendas and control of contractors are some of the services that users can benefit from.

Defining categories for infinite subcategories and selecting a specific ITP for each category of activities provides users with a new experience of executive management.

The common piping civil module easily manages UG processes from manhole to manhole, creating 100% coordination between executives. This speeds up the excavation process from piping, testing to backfilling.


Piping Technical Office Piping T.O

Previously, projects cost a lot of hours and time to manage important documents in this part of the work. Kara software takes a close look at this big topic and creates practical and unique solutions, while accelerating the overall piping process, as a powerful arm. It is considered as workshop management.

The company’s solutions have been able to eliminate and mechanize up to 90% of the Data Entry issue in the piping sector.
Welding and recording of all isometric items such as Iso Detail and MTO completely automatically.

Preparation of automatic and targeted front of the special capabilities of this software: for example, existing or temporary material (which is entered into the system by a file), according to the priority required by the company, or a predetermined purpose of the system,

In this process, all aspects are intelligently reviewed and only certain items are modified manually by the user.

The software automatically balances the registered front material and issues the material remittance to refer to the warehouse. Also, the material and spool required for installation on the site are controlled, and at the end, the output of the isometric required items is announced with the latest agenda. Revision is provided to the user in the form of files, transmissions and prints. One of the key points in the executive process of registering an infinite number of Hold Points with a system definition and in the form of explanations about welding, line or package test, etc.


Mechanical T.O. Technical Office

Managing the construction and installation of Steel Structure
Control of incoming and outgoing documents DCC STRC
Upload all relevant parts by file
Control the input of production parts to the site
Request consumables
Production of work fronts for construction and installation contractors
Equipment installation management
Loading data of all fixed and rotary equipment (in case of using EPC software, it will be updated due to the progress of data design and engineering in the execution system).
Management of spare parts and accessories
Ladder & Platform and Internal installation management
Electrical & Instrument Technical Office T.O

The integrity of the system in this discipline is also very tangible, the use of coding systems, receipt of documents, document cycle, warehouse, issuance of orders, various balances and the relevant ITP have a significant impact on the management and speed of implementation of this section.


Paint & Insulation

Calculation of coating, sandblasting, paint level and insulation automatically, as well as the ability to record specific insulation for a part of lines or equipment, as well as the ability to record the color, material required, color variation and thickness of each layer are other benefits of this program.


Test Package Test Package & Reinstatement

The synchronization point of all the executive disciplines of the site and in a kind of coordination section, the comprehensiveness of the executive data is very important for use in this section. Kara software has defined new standards in this section that define the document work process and executive planning. Miraculously purposeful and mechanized.



Existence of integrated system in the workshop provides the pre-commissioning section in terms of all required data, the link of all information related to equipment, lines, special items, documentary records and related reports is provided to this department and at other levels can be Citation and use.


A process look at the engineering document control module
MDR registration and management:

The latest version of MDR, along with its history of changes, is the core of the system engineering process.

Upload, import MDR from Excel and create output to file: Excel

In most companies, the list of documents as well as the list of basic documents (Basic) is initially created in the Excel file. In this case, these documents can be easily entered into the system automatically. The wizard designed for this section allows the user to specify the role of file columns in imported information, document plan settings, and to automatically document documents to WBS levels.

Automatic and manual MDR adaptation to WBS:

To enable the reporting of various parameters at WBS levels, as well as the ability to adapt to the construction, procurement and commissioning sections for EPC projects, it is possible for the user to attach documents to activities under the WBS level based on the document parameters.

Also, the possibility of group selection based on various parameters or manual selection of documents and their desired attachment to WBS activities has been seen in the system, so that this attachment can not be done automatically and systematically based on document parameters.


Determine workflow cycles for each degree:

The process of preparing engineering documents and their gradual completion is done by the work cycles defined for these documents.


Record the progress of the degree automatically or manually:

Engineering document management software can assign progress automatically at any stage based on the cycle set for the document or allow the user to enter progress within the specified period. In this way, with the progress of the document in the production cycle and gradual approval, all reports containing information on the progress of the document and the project are updated.

Transmittals Management:

Consignments or transmissions are a set of documents ready to be sent, which can include additional documents as well as cover letters. The readiness of the document to be attached to the transmitter in the system is determined automatically according to the status of the document cycle, and the user can easily prepare the shipment by selecting the ready documents.

. The numbering of the transmissions of a project is also determined based on the numbering methods specified in the contract at the beginning of the project and in the numbering management section. Using this method, the possibility of any mistake is minimized.

Ability to register different copies of documents and numbering revisions (Revision):

Information about different versions of documents is kept along with their original files and will be available at any time based on the role of the individual. The management of source files of maps and documents is the responsibility of the document control department. In addition, by making the necessary settings in the document cycle, it is possible to automatically reset the value of the document editing number and its internal editing number each time the document enters a specific stage of the document cycle or internal reference cycle.

Internal referral management:

Cycle steps designed for engineering documents, in the work cycle management section, the internal cycle can be included. This means that the user can specify that in the step or stages of the total stages of a cycle, the document can enter the internal referral cycle. In this case, for example, the document can be referred to the relevant discipline for review.

Ability to register the number of hours used for each degree:

Registration of hours – directly or through a time sheet (TimeSheet) – can be done on the document. In this case, it is possible to calculate the cost and person of hours in different levels of WBS, based on discipline and degree class.


References to purchasing and manufacturing units:

The dynamics of the facilities of this section allow the documents to be provided to the members of the purchasing or engineering team at the desired stages of the completion cycle. In this case, these people will see these documents in their card and if there is a messaging module in the installed system, they will be notified via SMS or email.

Automatic numbering of documents based on Numbering Procedure:

Document numbering is done by the numbering methods management department. Using this feature, you can enter the contract numbering procedures in the system at the beginning of the project and then the software will manage them automatically or manually.

A process look at the purchasing engineering module
Registration and management of MR:

After defining the general specifications of MR, it is possible to load its contents and the first data of the material control section is formed in this step.

It is easy to track, review, change the revision or nature of the issued MRs in the system.

The use of efficient software coding system has a significant impact on the speed of recording and loading material information.


Vendor Trading, Tendering and Selection Commission:

Ability to upload, record and categorize supplier information

Smart queue of MRs referred to the commission unit

Proposed list of suppliers according to the nature of approved MRs

Selection of vendor, announcement of the winner, referral to the commercial department


Registration and management O:

After defining the general specifications of P.O., it is possible to load its contents

For more convenience of loading and recording PO information is embedded in the system in several ways (using MR, using commission information, loading with Excel file and manually registering)

After loading or entering information in this section, the first level of project material balance can be seen and reported.


Manufacturing and Supply Inspection Vendor Inspection Report:

This section is activated after receiving and uploading the documents and ITP related to the contract from the supplier

Management of inspection requests in accordance with the ITP of each contract and the integrated system for recording inspection reports is easily possible due to the integrity of the data related to the same contract.


Registration and management of Packing List:

After completing the inspection and approval of the packing list material related to each contract, it can be loaded and registered in the system. It is also possible to issue a packing list using the items of each contract.

Simultaneously with the issuance of the Packing List, the date of receiving the material in the site warehouse can be informed by inserting ETA.

The issued packing lists will be automatically included in the list of ready-made MRS materials of the warehouse and will be notified to the relevant people via email or SMS.


Registration and management of MRS:

After issuing the Packing List and receiving the physical goods on the control site, it is the responsibility of the project warehouse, which is fully explained in the material warehouse section.

Execution process view

The construction process begins with equipping the workshop, the implementation of the documentation section at the same time as equipping the workshop has a significant impact on the implementation process and accelerates it.

The technical, engineering and inspection offices are implemented according to the progress of the project and include the following processes:

Deployment of DCC site unit
Preparation of instructions and general chart of site site circulation
Define the document handling process in the software
Upload and register the MDR of the project and receive the relevant documents
Distribution of documents by transmitter to different disciplines (sending to users’ cards)


Material warehouse
Preparation and construction of instructions for inspection, control and distribution of project materials on the site
Preparing personnel charts and delivering work and enforcing their authority.
Provide access related to personnel activities and enter the relevant basic data.
Instructions and making reports in software.
Dividing and numbering the warehouse environment for definition in software.
Receive ETA from Supplier / Receive Packing List (P.L) and login via upload.

(In case of using integrated EPC software, P.Ls can be viewed and tracked automatically by the warehouse after registration by the expeditor.)

Receiving and controlling materials in accordance with Ls, issuing MRS and OPI and OSD reports, entering the result of reports approved by the relevant user.
Inventory is automatically updated for technical offices related to each material.
The technical offices of each department will issue the agenda and the MIV in accordance with the needs of the active contractors.
Material balance as usual based on existing documents such as MIV, MRV, etc.
This software calculates material balance based on daily reports and on an instantaneous basis. This means that the system easily provides the balance of updated material with minimal errors in the form of reports, files, etc.
Civil T.O. Technical Office
Prepare a technical office chart and define people and access levels in the software
Preparation of documents and reports related to the project
Receive engineering submitted documents from DCC unit, data entry by Excel files
Accurate estimation and calculation of volumes and updates of details on the basic software list
Define tags, required reports and piping civil workflow, start and control activities
Introducing warehouses, silos, defining contracts, etc. in the system.
Issuing material requests according to the volumes entered by the system.
Issuance of executive agenda for contractors in addition to requesting materials by the system according to the priorities of the workshop.
Piping Technical Office Piping T.O
Preparing a technical office chart and defining people and their access to the software.
Receive project related documents such as: plans, drawings, isometric, etc. by DCC Technical Office.
Automatic input of data such as Joint History and MTO from PDF or IDF (PDMS output), documents received by PDF Reader software module and loading PDFs containing raw embedding in the system.
Checking and applying changes to the PDFs uploaded by the relevant user in the Piping section is done and the information of the tags in the system is automatically corrected.
Users will issue a Work Order by examining the scope of work of each contractor and materials available in the warehouse or Ls that have not yet reached the site.
Issue Work Order Preparation:

The sub-system for preparing the executive work front of the contractors is one of the most important achievements of Kara Company, which can be implemented easily and with the initial settings. The agenda issuance process is as follows:

Get information from Joints
All Joint From Database: All headers in the system are used for Front.
Shop Joint: Check only Shop Joints.
Field joint: Check only field joints.
Package Wise: Only threads for which the package number is registered are checked.
Load File: If necessary, an Excel file can be given to the system and checked by the system.
Get material information
All available material in database: Checking the material in the system based on documents and obtaining the material in the warehouse and using it to prepare the Front.
Load File: If necessary, an Excel file of a specific material can be given to the system and checked by the system. (This section can be used to use specified or frozen material or material that has not yet reached us.)
Select the process type
Fast: Check Front regardless of best mode.
Divided Package: Check based on the package to release the most packages.
Divided Line: Check that it can complete the most lines.
Search unit / Train: Prioritize the selected Train.
Check Hold point before Order: Check for non-working points based on documents (for example, the presence of FSQ in this line that has not been resolved)
Only full spool work order: Only full spool work order (if necessary, incomplete spool can also be given Front)
Front under 2 ”: Review of Front sizes under 2”
It should be noted that after completing the work of preparing the agenda, the system prepares all the examined documents in an Excel file and sends them for use. In the provided file, a column shows the status of the equipment connected to this switch and indicates the workability of this switch. (Checking the equipment and their relationship with piping and package testing in this system is an innovative and unique method that can be used with high accuracy when preparing the agenda, completing the package test, reinstatement, box-up and pre-commissioning.)
Simultaneously with the issuance of the Work Order, the required material in the warehouse is reserved for the relevant contractor and the MIVs in addition to the Cutting List of pipes are also issued and delivered to the contractor.To be.


Some innovations of Kara company in the piping basin
Intelligent line navigation system

Using its artificial intelligence, Kara has the ability to navigate all the lines, from the equipment nozzle to the end of the desired loop, based on the user’s priority (Wise package, Line Wise, etc.).

Recognize the connection between the joints

Using artificial intelligence, Kara can easily detect the relationship between the welds and the material used, as well as test the relevant package, which makes it possible to detect the work front with the highest percentage of work progress in the shortest possible time.

Prepare package test loops

Kara loops the packages automatically and registers them in the system as suggested.

Paint and insulation lines

Automatic calculation of coverage and color level and the ability to record specific insulation for a part of the line, as well as the ability to record the color, material required, color variation and thickness of each layer are other advantages of this program.

Controlling and requesting materials, issuing agendas for various contractors are other benefits of this section.

Recognize the connection between equipment and piping

Kara automatically finds the connection between the equipment and uses them when preparing the site agenda (Field Front) and completing the testing of packages until the Reinstatement and Box up stage of the equipment.

Connect to inter-workshop equipment and interfaces intelligently:

Introduction of site equipment is done by entering a piping spell connected to the equipment and the software checks the rest of the spuns for the ability to do the job.

Isometric welding (Piping, Support):

Marking is done on the digital version (PDF) and the software automatically inserts the markings into the system.
After welding, isometrics have the ability to make any changes by the user by an exclusive module and data such as MTO, etc. are automatically corrected in the system.
Fittings that have the nature of installation (flanges, bolts, gaskets, etc.), the data of these fittings are used to control and install the material.
Display the material of both sides of each weld in isometrics and record them in the joint history, which causes accurate control of the material and automatic issuance of Material Traceability reports in the project.
Piping Support T.O. Technical Office
Define users and dedicated menus in the application
Preparation of workflow chart, construction and approval of relevant reports
Receive standards and list support by Transmital under the software
Paste the supports on the isometric PDF automatically in the software
Modify, delete or add headers under the software environment by the user and record data automatically
Takeoff of each tag in the program by default and ease of access and modification. (Ability to enter by Excel file)
Calculate materials by Area / Unit / Train / Support List and issue the application automatically by the software
Issuance of agendas for various manufacturing shops plus documents for receiving MIV materials
Control of contractors, consumables and manufacturing process in the form of multiple reports by the result of inspection reports
Final delivery of manufactured supports and their storage by the workshop warehouse based on Support Tag and automatic updating of the material balance of the warehouse of ready-made supports
Issuance of support installation agenda based on user-determined priority and review of progress and installation of piping
Complete control over contractors and installation management using quality control reports

Package Testing and Reinstatement
Preparing the personnel chart of the notary and executing the package test
Define users according to the description of tasks in the software and create custom menus
Preparation of flow test chart of package test in different disciplines and its definition in the software to use the Package Cycle subsystem (this section is dynamically designed and enables the system admin to easily manage the cartables)
Define package numbers based on ITP entered and add lines and tags to it in the system by users
Build a fully automated test package plus all required formats and isometric metrics
Package information (general information of packages such as inches meter, dewatering volume for hydrostatic testing, the latest position of the package or copy of the package and the percentage of progress of the packages, etc. are automatically calculated, displayed and used.
Calculate the remaining NDT, PWHT work based on Request
Status of package lines based on percentage (amount of QC operations that have not been done yet as a line wizard)
Issue the History Sheet package for the Line Check required by WJCS immediately in accordance with the latest changes
Shortage control of package materials up to Reinstatement stage (automatic)
Manage issued FINs for packages and their status (automatically)
Check the status of package documents in terms of up-to-date Royjen, FSQ, etc. (automatically)
Check the installation status of package supports (Supports for each package are automatically detected.)
Remaining installation (non-welded) joints to be installed. (automatically)
Package shifts according to the transmissions provided in the system (for example, the package is stopped in QC or …)
Record control and track of punches entered for each package
Categorize and target test packages based on the contractor, set up or select a workshop for further management and report or hold specialized executive meetings
Using the Package Monitoring section, all information, documents and needs of each package can be viewed, checked and modified
Use of efficient specialized module to control, plan, follow up and hold Test Package & Reinstatement workshop sessions
The hydrostatic testing equipment management system, for example, examines the Gauge software for frequency of use or license period and recommends it for later testing.
QA / QC quality control offices
QC Piping
Prepare personnel charts and define users in the system and create dedicated menus
Receiving quality and technical control documents by the unit manager and referring to the relevant expert card
Modifications to existing formats or adding formats in accordance with project standards
Preparation of flow chart, delivery and delivery of work and definition in the software
Upload and select PQR, WPS, PMS project data in the software and select existing standards.
The calculation and request of the filler and electrode used and required by the workshop is done intelligently.
Start welding process and assign test piece (Test Piece) automatically for each contractor
Issuance of WQT, Test Form and WPQ by the software
Registration and reporting of the process (Weld Draft, Fit up Draft) by contractors, making FIN registration and tracking in a completely intelligent and two-axis system in all reports:

The software issues each of the quality control reports in two parts: main and draft with specific access level. As a result, a special panel for issuing reports can be provided to the sub-group (contractor) easily and with complete confidence.

Approval of the process (Weld Draft, Fit up Draft) by the employer / process monitoring and reporting (Weld Original, Fit up Original) “If you wish, you can use the efficient electronic signature subsystem in this section”
Automatic markup: The software uses its artificial intelligence to mark each thread after issuing the FITAP report in the relevant isometric PDF. (Latest version All isometrics stored on the company’s servers are fully dynamic and are available in all system menus.)
The software manages and separates the spools regionally, for example: build time, sending to the contractor, moving from one yard to another, moving to the site, locating the site, and finally installing.

Issuance of Spool Release and observation of the status of spools for each construction contractor by examining the following:

Fitap and welding
NDT balance
De-stress if needed
Ability to simultaneously manage multiple construction and installation contractors
Record NDT reports and automate the process of tracking repair splices

Due to the nature of the technical office and QC work, the software historically intelligently separates these units in the system, which does not need to add new welds when the welds are repaired, and the system automatically authorizes re-reporting permissions.

Welding and non-destructive testing in quality control (Welding)
Welding Process control based on WPS
Registration and reporting of non-destructive tests RT, PT, UT, MT, UT, PMI, VT
Obtain the NDT Percent difference between Line List and SPEC or Standard
Issuance of NDT Request daily automatically and manually by checking the following:
Percentage of NDT lines
Number of welded heads
Balancing lines
Balance shop and site
Welder balance
Registration of RT operation segments (automatic radiography)
Control of RT (radiographic) operations based on the results of Repair, Retake, Reshoot segments
Issuance of daily Penalty automatically and manually when entering the radiographic answer by checking: time period, welding conditions, welding size and percentage of welder repairs
PWHT calculation can be done based on Piping Class, Size and Thickness
Registration and reporting of PWHT process, Hardness Test
Calculation of welder performance and control of welders based on test forms issued

Disable welders based on the percentage allowed by the project

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